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03 ZX7R stock graphics...Do you have it?

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Howdy! Not my first time here, but it is my first post on the Kawiforums. I am looking for the black and white stripe that extends from the tank on to the fairings. I have spent many hours searching the forums and parts websites looking for replicas or NOS graphic kits with nothing to show for it. So I wanted to see if y'all had any local knowledge of where I might be able to find this kit/part, or if one of you had this graphics kit on your bike? Please see the photo attached for reference and the second is my 7R to introduce it to the community.

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A graphics/wrap place should be able to make whatever you want, just need a good pix of it

I think that's what is gonna have to end up happening. I was hoping to find someone on the forum that possibly had that stripe on their bike and would give me some dimensions so I can replicate it.
If you can find good photos on the internet and take a fairing with you, they should be able to measure it up to be pretty damn close by using reference points and a straightedge.
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