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I bought a used 06 zx6-r, which has a weird front end.

The front rim is correct size and design but has smaller bearings than Kawasaki ZX6-R spec (25x42x9 instead of 25x47x12 as correct, which have a much smaller load rating, and infact they broke), and home made spacer in between the bearings to space the bearings/bushings between the forks.

I suspect the wheel i have on my bike is taken form a 650R, which has the exact same design of rim/spokes.

I was thinking of have a special 20 mm axle, instead of the current 25 mm so i can fit 20x42x12 bearing which have almost same load rating as original. Not sure if anybody on this forum has tried that.

Is anybody able to confirm which bike this wheel is coming from, and let me know if you are aware of a "proper" conversion kit i can use to put back the front end in safety?


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