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Just got done putting a Yamaha R-6 throttle assembly Part # 5SL-26240-01-00 on my '06 250R :D

Tools needed......
1.) Torch or heat gun to heat up your bar-ends to get those blasted screw's out.
2.) Optional new screw's for the bar-ends I replaced them with alen screw's "look's alot better than those ugly philliep screw's."
3.) Dremle with a sanding wheel.
4.) Phillips screw driver

Install was stright forward once you get the old throttle assembly off compair them and you'll see what needs to be done. Now take a dremel with a sanding wheel and sand the trottle stop on the new throttle assembly to what the old one looks like. Put it all together and your done.
The pink part is were you sand on the new assembly this picture is the old assembly but you get the idea.

Note~ Before taking it out on the open road as always test it out in neutral and turn you handle bars to the left and right. To make sure your throttle is back together right and that your idle does not go up or down. If all is good enjoy the ride your wrist will thank you. The R-6 assembly has a bigger wheel thus taking less throttle twist at the wrist. "winding the trottle cable around the wheel" LOL
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