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Wanting to upgrade my bike to something newer. Im wondering how big a difference there is between the ZZR-600 and ZX-6R, both year 2008. Really just wondering about the power. If I would be able to handle the ZX over the ZZR

1. Do your homework, check the insurance, payments, and comfort. The zzr is a nice bike. I personally think that the zx is a far better machine with slippper clutch, undertail exhaust, and fuel injection, etc, for $2K more.

2.There can never be "too much" power. It all comes down to respecting the machine. You're in control. If you are reckless, undisciplined, or just plain crazy you shouldn't be on a bike. If you treat the bike with respect, you'll be fine.

3. As far as choice, get what you like best. You have to live with it. Power really shouldn't be a concern. On a personal note: I stepped seriously down to my zx. I really wanted a ninja 250 but I was afraid that I would get bored too soon, and start exibiting "reckless behaivour". Never buy a bike you might get bored with.
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