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09-12 ZX6R bikes.....

Those of you that are doing track days...

My bike came with an aftermarket set up -1/+2 set up and I've never been a fan of too aggressive gearing as I feel it makes you shift more often and tends to upset the chassis if you are too aggressive on the throttle (it's cool for power wheelies though). All my other bikes I have been happy with -1/+0 or even -1/-1; my riding style I like to carry more corner speed to and use 2nd - 5th mostly (except on longer tracks where I may get to 6th)

Anyway, what is the optimal chain links you are using (what is stock and what have you used now?)

Also, does this bike like a longer wheelbase or shorter (based on marks on the swingarm - which I am aware may not be accurate but they are a reference point).

What are you guys using?

As an ex. I have known that an R6 likes to be as far back as possible in the rear and a CBR600RR likes to be shorter..

What say you 09-12 ZX6R racers
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