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Hi there,

I am having issues with my cluster gauges and although I have found similar forums nothing has a definitive answer that has worked for me yet, so I am starting a new post in hopes someone can help me fix my issue.

I have an 09' ZX-6R, just out of storage had it running perfectly last week. We ended up getting more rain then expected on Sunday and I was away so my bike sat in the rain the whole day. I started it up on Monday and the Tachometer and digital meter is no longer working..... The LED's and the backlight are still working for the cluster gauge but nothing else.

I have tried a few things to see if I could get it to work. I opened up the gauges and found some brown residue on the pins on the circuit board:


I used a small screwdriver and scrapped as much off as possible, when I plugged my gauges back in they were working! Once I put the bike back together and moved it around a bit I started it back up and it stopped working again...

I open the gauges again and used Electrical Contact Cleaner on the pins this time, I also cleaned the connector's male and female end with the product. It WORKED again but once I moved the bike it stopped working again.....

I tried contacting my local Kawi dealer but they have no way of testing my cluster gauges as they do not have another bike it fits on and they do not have a spare set that I could try on my bike.

So I think I have it narrowed down to either a issue with the circuit board of the cluster gauges or there is a wiring/ connection issue but I have no have of confirming which one without buying a new set of cluster gauges which will cost me ~$600 so I want to be sure before that.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this or atleast figure out for sure what my issue is?

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