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My current bike ('03 BMW K1200RS has been totaled by a construction crew at our house. They claim some lumber got loose and "damaged the windshield" (and right main skin, nose fairing, and more, much more, to the tune of about $3K in parts). Anyway... A last irrelevancy: I used to have a barney purple C10 - gas in a cylinder broke the motor.

I'm looking for a replacement. Three bikes are on my list. A '10 C14, a '14 C14, and a '16 FJR. I rode the FJR, but haven't had a chance to test either Connie. Yet.

I recognize the '10 C14 was more or less C14 2.0. The big question is how far behind a new Connie is the '14? It appears there are three changes that showed up in the '15: changed linking, changed 1st gear ratio, and a different bearing for steering. My KRS isn't a lot of fun in a parking lot. If a test with the Connie shows the same amount of effort, that's OK. If it's a pig in a parking lot, we got a problem.

Again from what I read here, the linking up to '15 had some problems. I really don't like linking. Coming into a hard turn while coming down a steep grade, I don't want the front brakes until late in the braking process. In normal riding, I guess linking's OK.

Yes, I know about the cruise control. I put a CCS-100 (from Murph) in the C10. I guess I'll do it again. [/ grumble, grumble ]
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