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Well, I'm wondering if any of you would be interested in an old bike. There isn't really anything wrong with it. It has 14,7xx some miles on it, pretty low for one that is 38 years old. It does leak a little gas out of one of the tubes, I don't know a whole lot about carburators so I just shut the gas off when it sits, it's probably just a float sticking or something. It's orange and black. It has a windshield that I decided to take off to make it look a little sportier. But with going back to school I really don't need two bikes. I would like to be around $1000.00 but let me know what you think. I will have a little bit of room to negotiate but not a lot. Any offers will be considered however. I'll get some pictures of the windsheild if anyone would like to see it also

Any questions will be answered promptly
Just let me know what you think.
Pics tomorrow!!
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