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1991 ZX7 Ninja 24,000kms $2500 for quick sale. Pics below.
-new back tire this year.
-battery is one year old.
-needs a chain
-needs new cush drive ($5 rubber part on ebay)
-comes with bike cover
-tank bag
-matching helmet and green mirrored visor in awesome condition

Here is the story:
i had the bike for sale locally for $3200. My girlfriends brother told me he wanted the bike so i sold it to him for $2500 (cause im a nice guy) He put $1000 down and i gave him the bike. Well, now he cant afford the other $1500 so i have taken the bike back and he hates me. lol! Whatever. I gave his $1000 back too.
So i put the bike back up for sale, as i was writing the ad, a co worker came up behind me and asked me if it was my bike. He wanted to buy it. Site unseen (I work offshore oilrigs in Thailand. The bike is in Canada) SO I agreed to sell it to him for $2500 2 weeks ago. So for the last 2 weeks my bike has been sitting at my apartment in Edmonton doing nothing.
My coworker just told me he cant buy it now as his girlfriend back in BC just racked his Credit Cards up with.... get this... a $300 Hairdoo and $2000 at Walmart... God bless the oilfield...

ANYWAYS... so now im stuck out here in the ocean with a bike that needs to be sold by the 7th of Sept. My girlfriend has the keys and the registration ( her brother registered it but signed it back to me) I wont be in Canada till the 10th of Sept.


The rest of the story, or history of the bike if you wanna call it that:
I bought this bike BECAUSE it was in AWESOME condition. It had been looked after and i would have been the second owner. It had some scratches but thats to be expoected for a bike that is 16 years old.
It passed an out of province inspection with flying colors (i bought it from a guy on the west coast) and i put about 1500 kms on it in 2 years. working the rigs doesnt leave much time for bike riding. This July, my girlfriend decides she wants to ride my bike... MY BIKE... You cant say No to her... So she got on it and proceeded to walk it down the road (we were in a residential subdivision) while it was running... She lost her balance, put her foot down and let go of the clutch. Doing the damage to the left side of the bike where the front indicator is. The damage can be seen in the last 2 pics. NO MECHANICAL DAMAGE WAS DONE. only damage was to my PRIDE and PLASTICS.

The bike will need some minor maintence done, probably time for an oil change too.
Picture of bike when i bought it 3 years ago (19,500kms)

Pic of bike from this July

She is dirty in these pics cause there is alot of dust where i live and i was in a hurry!!! has had a new back tire since picture was taken... oh and it has been cleaned.
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