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1992 ZX7J & 2017 z650
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It's been while since I messed with the emissions stuff, so I can't recall details, but from memory there should be a valve where the plugged "T" hose is. The plugged part has a hose that runs to a hole in the airbox, I think. See if there's like a 3/4" hole on the airbox that's plugged now.

You'll probably be able to find more info by looking for "kleen air mod", "evap delete", "pair valve delete", etc. I'm sure there's a youtube video with somebody removing it that you could just do in reverse.

I don't remember if I plugged a barb in the gas tank, but I'm pretty sure I had put a vaccum cap on the carbs.

That said, I like the idea of cleaning up the top-end by removing this stuff, so I would just leave it as is, or get block off plates for a nicer look.
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