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1995 Ninja ZX-6R
Vehicle Description

You are bidding on a 1995 Kawasaki Ninja, ZX-6R.
This bike comes with:

Two exhausts: the stock black exhaust as well as the silver Yosh RS-3
Never been used brand new rear tire (still in UPS packaging).
Leather "Ninja" Tank-Bra
All Original Manuals
Mechanics Service Manual ($150 Value)
Matching HJC Helmet (Green/Black/Purple)
Olympia Black Leather Gloves (optional)

Vehicle Condition

The frame is not only bent, but it is broken. (See pictures). As the break is not on a Weld Joint, repairing the frame is not recommeneded. I would highly suggest getting a salvage or new frame. Most of the body panels are damanged but that is mostly cosmetic. The Battery has been on a tickle charger and should be in great shape. You'll need a new guage cluster, windscreen, etc...
The engine and forks are in perfect shape and have been checked by GMD Computrack in Bellingham, MA.
G.M.D. Computrack® is a system for measuring the three dimensional geometry of your motorcycle. All of the geometry parameters critical to motorcycle steering and handling characteristics, such as rake, clamp offset, trail, wheelbase, suspension ride heights, swing-arm pivot position and wheel diameters are calculated automatically, as are any misalignments such as frame twist, fork twist, swing-arm twist, wheel alignment and sideways offsets of the steering head or wheels.

This is definately a fixer-upper. I was going to do the work myself but ended up buying another bike instead.

I'm not sure what else needs work, so this is being sold AS IS.

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