1996 ZX7 ---:) Getting a bike that needs Carb assembly. eBay is talking like 3doubl00'$ for a set of who knows. I have been reading here and there on here and you guys n gals are the business! Straight up street lovin' and my girl n I are needing some of that sunshine. We hit a pregnant mule deer on I90 heading West between Airway Heights and Cheney Washington 4th of July doing 85mph (coasting). First ride...we are cruising to look at a property. I hit the freeway bust it up to 85mph to put some distance ahead of some long haulers. I had a half face on(not my usual choice) some sunglasses that let the air into my eyes. Sun was going down. Cresting a swooping mild slope of a hill...A deer in the middle of the 3 lanes standing staring. I let off the gas, quickly deducted how I was going to hit this deer dead center to slow us down as much as possible because we were going down. I figured once I was knocked out it would be on me killing my mother in law's baby girl. My face felt the warm coarse fur of the deer when we hit. We fell to the left and when my head hit it cracked my helmet like an egg. I stayed conscious?!? We were sliding. My knee was burning so I shrugged my girl off my back, pushed off the bike, closed my fists hit the street and bounced up into the air. I pictured the semis hauling behind us taking out my girl so I had to get back to her. When I landed on my feet momentum slapped me face first back into the freeway. I got up hurting turned around and could see in this order. Semis slowing down and a little suv stopping, a dead deer, a crashed bike, and my girl with her helmet off walking towards me. 3 ambulances arrived laughing. They expected death, let us share 1 on the way to Spokane Hospital. My girl had a band aid cut on her finger. I made the Dr let me out of theER that night. Another concussion and some road rash. Kawasaki 1500 Classic - the Fairing because I thought it looked cooler. I believe 3 deer died that day because she was big. Thank God!! Bless All of YOU on 2 wheels!! Stay safe, stay sharp, ride with Angels and wear gear! That is the last time we rode. If I wasn't on a lead sled I probably would have maneuvered around the only time I have ever seen a deer on I90. 1997 1998 1999 2000 fit I have read. Aloha