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1998 GSXR600

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This is my brother's bike. It has: Front and rear steel braided brake lines, new tires, recently serviced, Lockhartphilips speenscreen, jet kit, Yosh RS-3 slip on, new chain, rear brake pads, frame sliders, carbon fiber front brake lever, fender eliminator. Includes cover. As with my bike, it must go now. Make offer and its yours.


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10 bucks and you cover shipping:D nice bike didnt you have it on another site for sale not to long ago?
nope only on this site and the local newspapers. I thought it was a fairly rare color, and I'm surprised other people have them in this condition.
hi is this bike still for sale? how much and where are you located?
Oh, the bike was in Sayville, NY, but I recently moved to Tempe, AZ. However, the bike was crashed into the back of a car not long after I posted that picture, so it was never sold. The insurance company wouldn't let us buy it back; it had to go to auction, and the damage was so minimal that it would get a high price, so it wasn't worth it. The only damage was the front cowling. Everything else was perfect-not even the cases were scratched, thanks to the frame silders. But thanks anyway though.

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