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I am rebuilding a 98 zx9r that I wrecked 5 years ago and I let a friend mess with my carbs.

Can anyone tell me the factory setting or amount of turns that I should have my fuel screw on my carbs set at. One friend says 1 3/4 and another says 2 3/4. Any ideas?

Also I am getting white smoke out of it after it runs for about 80 seconds at idle. Than as it gets hot I give it some juice and It sprays blue smoke until I let off then it turns back to white smoke.

Is this because there is alot of oil burning off from it sitting around for 5 years? Carbs are clean, oil new, plugs are fresh, coolant new, and the engine only has 7400 miles on it.

If anyone can help me with the fuel screw settings and where the white smoke is coming from, PLEASE HELP ME OUT.

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