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1999 zx6r... Help??

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I have a problem with starting the bike. Starts fine when cold. After its warmed up it wont start after it sits for a min. or 2.Like when getting gas.Just turns over, so i push start it and it takes right off? Not much effort needed.I have had a couple of diff. opions
Dealer: it needs a valve adj. that'll be $360. without looking at bike
Mech. at another shop says poss. carb loading up says he'll ask around
Has anyone had this prob?
bike only has a little 6,000 miles
also cam chain broke at 1,300miles was covered under warranty
only aftrmarket part is a new cam chain tensioner

would app. any help at this point as im tired off pushing it
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Use your/borrow a voltmeter. What does the battery read when ignition is off? When iginition is on? When the bike is at 4000 RPM?

Also, see your shop manual's procedure for testing the starter.

'00 ZX6R silver
Do you give it a twist of the throttle at the same time? Both of my 6R's have been like that, due to the high compression I think. Once warmed up, when I start 'er up I just twist the gas a touch, fires right up. When it's cold I don't need to do that, just use the choke.
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