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Hey all ... new here ... I have a Canadian market '96 ZX1100-D4 that I bought brand new back in the day ... it was pristine ... until a month ago ... when I found the dreaded solid immovable with it ... now it's a restoration project, as are my lower extremities ... anyways, I need help with Kawi part #'s please ...

For example, a popular U.S. online retailer offers this part:

35011-1635-VZ STAY,FR,LH,SILVER #35

The Canadian dealer lists this same part as:


Note the different 2 char alpha suffixes and colour descriptors.

Are these parts actually different colours, or, is this just a Kawasaki smoke & mirrors ploy to try and get me to buy my parts from a Canadian dealer?

Any help or insights offerred would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, FFF
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