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2 things

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i have four words for ya.

rear handles!

fuel injection!

nuf said
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Ive heard fuel injection is laggy compared to carbs. Not crisp when you whack it. Same thing for cars. 5.0 stangs, flick the gas real quick and wait for cpu to catch up.

Id rather they keep carbs. 100$ jetkit or 300$ remaping.

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ripTOOL said it <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>

Too many problems with the 1st generation of bike FI.

I find the rear handles helpful when using my rear stand. Other than that they don't do much.

It's days like this I wish I still did drugs!
Sorry boys, I had an F4i with F.I. and it was pretty much excellent. No lag, smoother than the 00 6R carbs.


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The only Fi 600 I've ridden is a GSXR and frankly I'm not a fan. I found it way, way to sharp for fine throttle control, especially when really cranked over in slower speed corners. Very snatchy as you first open the throttle. Not so bad on the road, but at a track day I found it to my dislike. 90~100km corner with knee on the ground and each time I went through and tried to open the throttle early for good drive on the exit, the thing jumped and lurched under the very sudden squirt of fuel the Fi delivered. Really made me appreciate the carbs of my 2000 zx6r.

I've also ridden a new R1 at the same track and it felt much better in the delivery from a closed throttle. However, whilst "opinion" is that the R1 Fi is as good as it gets at the momment, it's still doesn't allow very fine control coming onto the gas from a shut throttle.

I'm sure that in the longer run Fi will be the go, giving more power and still offering the "feel" at the throttle of a carbed bike. But, for now, I'm going to stick with my carbed bike until they get Fi a bit more sorted.

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Ahh, grab bars...

Simply remove and plug the existing hole with the same plug that is in the air box.......Top half, two of them,black....perfect fit, cheap too. I'll look for the part # if you want..


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