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OK I have never had any issues at all with this bike since I got it brand new, taken care of completely and for some reason within the last month or two it will randomly hesitate like its misfiring or something, then it wants to go.

It seemed to only do it when in a lower RPM range of a gear, but now it is starting to do it regardless of RPM range, or gear, take off, or driving.

I have replaced all of the spark plugs with some E3 plugs from Oreilly, and ran a little seafoam in the gas tank to help clean it up some. It is still doing it though, I noticed it started running smoother once I did that stuff, but its still hesitating.

Just the other day I finally caught what happens when it does it, ALL of the warning lights flash briefly when it happens, then they go off, and it then it goes. I do have some Vance and Hines Longshots, with the baffles removed, and a K&N air filter. I was told I didn't have to "rejet" the engine because it is Fuel Injected and the ECU will automatically adjust accordingly.

What can I do to help solve this problem? New air filter, plug wires? etc? Somebody help, I hate seeing my baby in distress. Thanks!
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