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Mileage: 19800

ViN: JKBZXJB183A001206

Price: $4700 FIRM

Contact: Francois (Frenchy) by PM

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

ok guys, im selling my bike. i've had it for a year now and its a great bike. many of you guys have seen it around and can vouch for it. the bike runs very strong all the way to 15,500RPMs. Front tire (Pirelli Corsa 3) has about 6000 miles on them. the rear tire (Pilot Power CT) has just been changed out about a month ago. the rear tire has about 600 miles on that. the bike also has had the valves adjusted. bike has new RK chain and Sprockets (0, +2). i recently added Pazzo gold shorty levers and a Scotts Damper. Frame sliders have been used, nothing huge, but the bike tipped over once on each side. the mirrors have been deleted for a sleek look. the stock windscreen was replaced with a Double Bubble dark windscreen. also there is the Oracle HID kit (10k low/hi beams). rear risers also installed which raises the pegs 1 inch up 1 inch back. also just finished installing a Power Commander 3 on the bike which has a base map for the exhaust and k&n filter. all the bike needs is a good tune. still runs strong with the PC3. the bike has come a long way since i first got it last year.

there are a few bad things about the bike. the main thing you will notice is the fairings have minor scuffs and 2 fairings have cracks in them. the stator cover and engine cover are both a little scuffed up from the previous owner. all the bike damage actually came from the previous owner. the tail fairing doesn't match the rest of the fairings. the last thing wrong is the top radiator brackets broke off, but the radiator is still held up by the bottom brackets.

oil has been changed every 2500- 2800 miles with 10/40 synthetic oil. always use 93 octane.

that is all i can think of now, but just testing out the market to see if anyone is interested in buying it.


more pictures if needed. thanks for looking. just seeing if there is any serious interests.
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