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Hi guys sorry but my first post is a problem post :( , i also couldnt see a zzr section so posted in the noob section i hope its not against the rules?
ive done a search and found similar problems. But i thought ide add mine to them.
I've got a 2003 zzr600 only bought it last september, 1st time out it drained the battery and wouldn't start contacted the garage who collected it in october and they replaced battery, reg/rectifier and dropped it back off. Went out for a day it ran perfect.
so i put it away in the garage.
Got it out today started easy, ran it to work seemed to run lumpy below 5k above 5k it runs sweet as a nut and takes off like a rocket. On the way home exactly same prob....tick overs a bit lumpy but once warm its fine. But below 5k revs its lumpy very jittery. When i put it away i filled the tank up full but left the fuel tap on like a fool. So im not sure if this has had something to do with it. Had it out on the way home for a blast hoping to clear out the cobwebs, but still the same. Goto pull away and have to use the revs more to get it over the lumpy patch. Help needed !!!!
thanks in advance guys.
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