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From Motorcycle.com:

Engine refinements makes this Supersport contender even stronger

Introduced last year with AMA SuperSport competition in mind, the NINJA ZX-6RR sport motorcycle returns to the 2004 Kawasaki lineup with upgrades to the engine and powertrain for even higher on-track performance.

With feedback from Kawasaki factory roadracers Tony Meiring and Tommy Hayden, both of whom compete aboard NINJA ZX-6RR sportbikes in AMA Supersport roadracing, several modifications have been made to the middleweight NINJA, including new cams, larger intake valves, a revised intake system and new gear ratios for the six-speed transmission.

The ZX-6RR engine is a liquid-cooled, DOHV, 16-valve, 599cc, four cylinder, four-stroke engine that delivers performance worthy of AMA Supersport competition. To give racers and sportbike enthusiasts even more power, Kawasaki engineers changed the shape of the combustion chambers, redesigned the piston crowns and added molybdenum coating to the skirts to reduce friction and mechanical loss. In conjunction with these changes, intake ports are smaller to further increase induction velocity, intake valves are 0.5mm larger for better breathing at all rpm and camshaft profiles have been changed to produce more lift. Gear ratios for the oil pump have also been changed to reduce mechanical loss, contributing to the engine's high-revving nature.

The ZX-6RR is fed by an advanced fuel injection system that utilizes large-bore 38mm throttle bodies with new twin injectors - one located near the airbox and the other t the intake manifold. A 32-bit high-speed microprocessor-controls timing and is ultra-responsive to engine needs. The integrated system helps ensure smooth linear power characteristics and high engine output and with low emissions. A centrally located ram-air duct system contributes to intake efficiency and saves weight by eliminating a number of parts needed for previous Ram Air designs.

As a production sportbike that must meet homologation rules for AMA competition, the NINJA ZX-6RR must also comply with important emissions standards. Helping to do this is the KCA (Kawasaki Clean Air) system, which routes fresh air to the ZX-6RR's exhaust ports. What little exhaust gasses are left after combustion are expelled through a light, stainless steel exhaust system that increases engine performance.

A multi-plate wet clutch with back-torque limiter transfers power to a revised six-speed transmission with even closer gear ratios for better on-track performance. The back-torque limiter feature helps to prevent wheel hop during aggressive corner entry, while lime green coating has been added to the side plates of the X-ring drive chain for a cool, racy look.

The ZX-6RR's engine rests inside a pressed aluminum perimeter frame that is rigid and delivers crisp and stable handling performance. Sheets of aluminum are pressed to shape, then welded together, to produce remarkable strength and low weight. An aluminum subframe is also lightweight and is easily removed for conducting routine maintenance.

The advanced, rear aluminum swingarm features internal ribbing for high torsional rigidity and low weight, and utilizes an adjustable pivot that allows riders to fine-tune handling for specific conditions. Light weight aluminum components are also used in the UNI-TRAK® linkage system, which produces progressively stiffer damping and spring rates as the fully adjustable shock is compressed. A nitrogen-gas charged Kayaba shock with a piggyback reservoir features a threaded collar spring preload adjuster and fully adjustable rebound and compression damping, while a top-out spring improves shock action. To alter ride height, various combinations of 1mm-thick shims can be inserted between the shock and its frame mount to further tune handling.

Up front, the ZX-6RR rides on a fully adjustable inverted 41mm fork to provide high rigidity and superior feedback. Top-out springs and adjustable spring preload are fitted to the fork to maximize performance throughout the stroke range.

Traditionally used for racing applications, radial-mounted, four-piston, four-pad front brake calipers grace the NINJA ZX-6RR. This high-performance braking system utilizes four independent brake pads in each caliper to clamp down on semi-floating 280mm front disc rotors, resulting in exceptional feel, high heat resistance, superior braking power and longer brake pad life. Braking power for the rear wheel is provided by a single 220mm disc brake.

The NINJA ZX-6RR's race-inspired fairing offers an exceptionally low drag coefficient for slippery aerodynamics and the central Ram Air duct gives the front of the bike an aggressive identity. Lightweight and very bright multi-reflector dual headlights provide great visibility while enhancing the aggressive head-on appearance for which NINJA sportbikes are famous. Tucked behind the cowling is a compact instrument cluster featuring a bar-type LCD tachometer, digital LCD speedometer, programmable shift light and a stopwatch-style 99-lap timer. The cluster also includes a digital temp gauge, clock, tripmeter and indicator lamps.

Features that compliment the track-oriented ergonomics include one-piece aluminum clip-on handlebars, while the fuel tank and seat are shaped to allow the rider to mold to the chassis, making the ZX-6RR an extension of the rider.

Information about the NINJA ZX-6RR and Kawasaki's complete line of family recreational products can be found on the Internet at [1]www.kawasaki.com. Kawasaki accessories can also be purchased online at [2]www.buykawasaki.com.

Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., (KMC) markets and sells at wholesale Kawasaki motorcycles, ATVs, JET SKI® watercraft, MULE(TM) utility vehicles, power products and small engines. Kawasaki's tagline, Let the good times roll(TM), is recognized worldwide for the spirit of fun, adventure and high performance that characterizes the Kawasaki recreational vehicle line. Kawasaki product lines are sold through a network of more than 1,500 independent retailers. The company and its affiliates employ nearly 2,400 people in the United States, with approximately 400 of them located at the Irvine, California headquarters.


Features and Benefits:

Four-Cylinder 599cc Engine

* Reshaped combustion chambers and redesigned piston crowns help produce more power
* Molybdenum coating added to piston skirts to reduce friction and mechanical loss, contributing to the ZX-6RR's high-revving nature
* Intake and exhaust valves are larger for better breathing at all rpm
* Camshaft profile has higher lift for more performance
* Gear ratios for the oil pump changed to reduce mechanical loss
* Cut-outs added to the cylinder skirts to reduce pumping loss


* Crankcase is light and rigid, allowing piston oil jets to be positioned closer to pistons

Optimal Intake

* Short intake and exhaust valves reduce weight and improve high-rpm performance
* Larger intake valves help increase performance
* Single springs of oval-shape are lighter providing improved intake valve control at high rpm
* Stepped spring seats replace previous plain type to better stabilize the valve springs

Fuel Injection System

* Large-bore 38mm throttle bodies produce high engine output and low emissions
* Sub-throttle bodies ensure smooth, linear power characteristics
* New twin injectors improve cylinder filling for more power

Six-Speed Transmission w/Clutch Back-Torque Limiter

* Closer gear ratios for 2004 provide for more aggressive, competition-style performance
* Clutch back-torque limiter helps prevent wheel hop during quick deceleration

Digital Ignition

* 32-bit high-speed microprocessor-controlled timing is ultra-responsive

Lightweight Exhaust System

* Light exhaust system contributes to engine performance
* Stainless muffler housing improves catalyzer performance and reduces emissions

KLEEN(TM) (Kawasaki Low Exhaust Emission) System

* Helps keep exhaust emissions environmentally friendly
* KCA (Kawasaki Clean Air) system routes fresh air to the exhaust ports for reduced exhaust emissions

Ram Air Intake

* Centrally located ram-air duct reduces number of parts and weight to improve intake efficiency
* Greater resistance to wind side-drafts

Pressed Aluminum Perimeter Frame

* Rigid aluminum frame delivers crisp and stable handling
* Centrally mounted Ram Air duct is integrated with steering head to reduce weight and improve Ram Air efficiency
* Lightweight aluminum sub-frame facilitates maintenance
* Adjustable swingarm pivot for fine-tuning handling
* Steering head bearings use ball bearing type for light, responsive steering
* Threaded steering damper mount incorporated into left frame spar

Aerodynamic Cowling

* Race-inspired fairing and bodywork give the machine a distinctively racy look
* Fairing offers an exceptionally low drag coefficient for slippery aerodynamics
* Central Ram Air duct gives the front of the bike an aggressive identity
* Lightweight and powerful dual multi-reflector headlights provides exceptional visibility

41mm Inverted Kayaba Fork

* Fully adjustable fork runs stiff tubes for high fork rigidity and superior steering feedback
* Top-out springs and adjustable spring preload are fitted for stable performance throughout the stroke range
* Super-hard DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating added to inner fork tubes to reduce friction
* Revised damping for improved action

Bottom-Link UNI-TRAK® Rear Suspension

* Nitrogen-gas charged Kayaba shock with piggyback reservoir is fully adjustable for rebound and compression damping
* Shock utilizes a threaded collar spring preload adjuster
* A top-out spring on the rear shock improves shock action
* Stepless damping adjuster with check valve instead of needle valve for improved damping
* Adjustable ride height with 1mm shims

Stopping Power

* Radial-mounted, four-piston, four-pad front brake calipers
* Four independent brake pads are used in each caliper for more even wear and improved heat resistance
* Semi-floating 280mm steel front disc rotors are 6mm thick for high heat capacity and mount on flat disc carriers without offset for reduced weight
* Brake lever is five-way adjustable
* Small diameter rear brake disc measures 220mm in diameter without offset for low unsprung weight
* Front brake hose routing eliminates interference with radiator

Instrument Cluster

* Instrument cluster features a bar-type LCD tachometer, digital LCD speedometer, programmable shift indicator light and stopwatch-style 99 lap timer
* Cluster also includes digital temp gauge, clock, tripmeter and comprehensive range of indicator lamps


* Handlebar, seat and footpeg location enhance a track oriented riding position
* One-piece forged aluminum handlebars
* Ergonomically shaped seat and tank allow rider to mold to bike
* LED taillight is very light, highly compact, very durable and looks exceptionally cool
* Tamper resistant ignition switch
* Quick-detach rear seat allows easy mounting of standard aerodynamic single-seat cover
* Extruded aluminum swingarm with internal ribbing offers strong, torsional rigidity and low weight
* Friction-reducing sealant on the front brake caliper pistons improves brake feel
* Lime green coating added to side plates of X-ring drive chain for cool, racy look

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I think the 636 will carry over for '04. I believe that the only reason that Kawasaki is doing this is because they're not dominating the 600 racing class.

Can't believe that my 6 month old RR is now outdated!! Oh well, I can't ride it to it's full potential anyway...

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exactly holeinone

the only people that would notice the difference is Tommy Hayden and Tony Meiring or someone that does SERIOUS racing

i mean how much horsepower will all those things add? like maybe 3?

I would like to see it start kicking R6 ass though, i hate watching Tommy go around the track in 3rd or so

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Not really much of a change at all. But really strange that they do it after one year. But that may be the way of the future. Like the RC45 and OWO1 R7 days. Only produce enought to race. I think that ruins the whole supersport idea though.

Also remember that Formula Extreme next year will be modded out 600's. This might be for that too.

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i bet you those refinements is going to put it on par power wise with the new 04 gixxer. screw that "not really much of a change" crap. the reason the r6 is wooppin' everyone cause it's light and it has HP (better power/weight ratio than everyone else). the zx6rr weighs the same but is down about 5HP from the r6. the work they did will probley give the RR around 107 to the rear wheel. good on kawasaki for updating the bike, guess i know which 2 bikes i'm racing next year. zx6rr and zx10r here i come! :)

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Doesn't sound much like more HP, just a more useable form of it. Of course they're going to try and squeeze every bit out of it that they can, but every change mentioned has more to do with the power curve and delivery than with the raw power output. Weight has been the bigger killer this year, more so than power. Maybe they'll knock out both problems.

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ga6rr, foor $140 plus shipping you can get a powder coating kit off of eBay. You'll have to rent an oven and spend some time sanding off what's already on there but methinks it'll be worth it. I'll post photos when I do it up over the winter.
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