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Hi all,

New to this forum, created an account in hope someone here could help me out.

A few weeks ago I unfortunately went swimming with my 2005 zx6r. Got water into the engine and god knows where else. Bike is going to be sold (for parts maybe).
But before I sell it I wanted to see if I could make it run again (mostly curiosity). So, drained the engine, replaced oil, fuel etc. engine seems to turn smoothly so I have some hopes for it running okay.
But when I wanted to start it back up again the fuel pump did not want to start. I checked all of the things I knew how to check which is:
  • Does the pump work directly on 12v supply: yes
  • Are all the fuses okay: yes
  • does the start inhibitor switch work: yes
  • Do I get 12 to the coil of the ECU main relay: yes (brown wire to the ECU relay)
  • Do I get 12V to the coil of the fuel pump switch: yes (red wire to the connector for fuel pump relay)
  • Do I get 12V to the W/R wire to the fuel pump: No
  • Does the relay for the ECU still work? Yes tested by supplying 12V to pins 5+10 could hear the relay switch (see second picture)
  • Does the relay for the Fuel pump still work? Yes tested by supplying 12V to pins 1+7 could hear the relay switch
So, I'm no electrical engineer by any means but looking at the diagram it looks like that as soon as the ignition is switched on both the ECU and the fuel pump relay are fed with 12V. So the ECU turns on and then it decides when the fuel pump relay coil is energized (maybe by some internal transistor or something idk.). So if that is correct than it is the ECU telling the fuel pump not to run. Could that be correct? And if so, for what reason could it do this? ECU broken, fuel injection system fault? something else?

I tried using the self diagnosis system by grounding the self diagnosis terminal, but could not get it to work. Do I need the master key for this? if any know how to use this, that would be great.

Any ideas on this whole situation would be fantastic, thanks in advance,

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