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Sorry, Having trouble posting

I bought the bike from a guy who said he hit a deer at low speed. The bike had only cosmetic damage. I have bought most of the parts to fix the bike.
It still needs a front fender, mirror stay and mirrors, left ram air cover, the top front tank cover, the tank has a small dent with scratches on the dent, the stator cover and the frame under the tank have light scratches. Some of the panels I bought are different colors and would need to be painted to match.
I went to the DMV with the guy to do the paper work and he said he never received the title from new because he had a PO box and they wouldn't send it to a PO box. So he filled out a change of address to have it sent to me but they wouldn't send it there because he doesn't live there. So now after 2 months of getting the run around this guy wont answer or return my calls, and I think he has moved out of town. I don't now what else to do but try to sell it for track or stunt. If anyone is interested feel free to contact me!
Thanks, Steve
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