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2007 kawasaki ninja ZX10R SE


Black with red wheels in like new condition with only 5,000 miles
Myrtle west extended swing arm
175 horsepower
Asking $6000
KBB value is $6205

It didn’t take long for Kawasaki’s original Ninja ZX-10R sport bike to earn a reputation for dominating horsepower and excellent handling. The second generation ZX-10R continues that domination, featuring a racetrack-focused chassis and more horsepower than any other open-class super sport. Street riders and backroad enthusiasts will also appreciate the ZX-10R’s solid stability and predictable handling, thanks to its superb engineering.

With excellent mid-range power and a screaming top-end, the ZX-10R’s ability to accelerate out of corners is aided by its linear power delivery and enhanced traction provided by its long swing arm. This makes it easier for riders to capitalize on the ZX-10R’s horsepower advantage.

Designed for the rider who feels at home in racing leathers, the ZX-10R delivers unmatched track performance. A short wheelbase coupled with a long swingarm gives the bike outstanding maneuverability and excellent rear wheel traction. Even more to the liking of experienced racers, the Ninja’s concave tank top and the relationship between pegs, handlebar and seat only magnifies its appropriateness for the track.

The ZX-10R shines in the upper speed ranges, thanks to a fairing, seat cowl, and dual under-seat exhaust system which are designed for slippery aerodynamics and a clean look that sets it apart from its competition.

When arriving at the next corner faster than the competition, the rider needs brakes that are up to the task. Not only does the ZX-10R offer impressive stopping power from its dual floating 300mm petal discs, radial-mount four-pad/four-piston calipers and radial-pump master cylinder; it also provides precise modulation and a consistent feel at the brake lever.

The ZX-10R features an adjustable, race-spec, twin-tube, Ohlin's steering damper with relief valve. The twin-tube damper uses the second tube like a reservoir tank to help ensure consistent performance under demanding race conditions.

At its core, the Ninja ZX-10R is a motorcycle built for the accomplished rider who can fully appreciate its capabilities—whether put to the test at a racetrack, or merely the focus of bench-racing conversation. It is, by all standards, the embodiment of the ultimate superbike.


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