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2007 NINJA 250 R
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Morning everyone.
I purchased this 2007 250r for $375.00 3 months ago. It sat for 7 yrs without running or starting. So the gas turned into varnish or something.
So i had to remove the carbs and totally clean to like new. And new oil & Filters. Spark plugs.
New battery. Turn signals. Got a new petcock . gas lines. Umm well anyways..
So after trying to get all this together with no moto mechanical experience she would kick over.. Finalky after some time got her running 2x for about a min each time.. And she sounded good.
Then she wouldent startup again. So i decided to pull the CA kleen crap off and go from there.. So heres where im at.
I need to know where the hose from the airbox goes now?
Where the inlet on the left side carb goes?
Where the airhose that goes to the top of the airbox goes?
And where the vaccume lines from the tank go?

Im getting a reading of 12.7 on the battery.
Also i need help with getting this started?


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