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Im selling a 07 zx6r with 4 year ext warrenty 2308 miles and a 49 tooth rear sproket and a -1 in the front so the miles are a little higher then in real life bough brand new for a race bike broke it in and did 2 weekends on it the dropped a valve in the motor so it was fully rebuilt new cases and all have picts 6500.00 in parts lol all stock from kawi.
race bits
kit ecu,
super bike lines
hot bodies
spare rims
Vortex Sprockets +3 , +5rear -1 front
Vortex clip on's
ebc hh
Ohlins Rear Shock - TTX36 set up for 185 rider
all stock plastics and parts
Akrapovic Full RACE Exhaust System with Hex Can
118 at the rear have vid on you tube

never crashed but fell over in trailer MMA with team mates race bike his won hahaha go rubbersoulracing dent in tank and the wife just dropped it last week in the drive way little mark on the tail section o well my loss your gain come and check it out it will be on the wera/ccs boards too
10,500 obo
[email protected]
1630 728 9514

email me for better picts 244 kb sucks i got 5mb picts


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Let's see..
value for all brand new aftermarket parts < $5,000
60% pro-rated used value < $3,000 (that's if you're lucky someone desires everything you have put on)

07 zx6r with roughly 2,500 miles in perfect condition = $6,500
extended warranty, throw in another $300, that makes it $6,800 just for the bike itself

Drop it here and there with damage to the plastic, take away $600 for repaint and recondition for aesthetic or just the fact that it's been dropped. Dropping it once, excusable, again and again = negligence. :p

Major motor repair history, although fixed, take away another $300
Raced, take away another $500

$6800 + $3000 -$600 - $300 - $500 = $8400

Or someone could just go buy a mint stock 07 with similar mileage for $6500.

Buyers have the right to bargain, so do you. :) Hope you get what you're asking for, but honestly not a deal I would recommend to my friends.

Good luck.

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brand new motor 600 miles break in bargain all the way 9500 is a good deal for a bike with all the stock shit and all the race shit but thanks for the list on all the shit i paid for
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