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Well damn. If i didnt have bad luck i certianly wouldnt have any at all. On Wed I noticed when i got home some oil blown onto my plastics. I took the left side off and found that it looked like it was coming from just inside of the # 2 cyclinder counting from left to right if you were sitting on the bike. I had wrapped my pipes a while back and checked all my bolts and everything was tight. What this looks like is the valve cover between 2 and 3 cyclinder is has the recently discussed syn oil leak issue. Now I switched to syn oil a little earlier on. This is actually my second oil change that i am using syn. I did not have this issue with my first oil syn change. I am going to call the dealer after i post this to see if they can get it in. I do not want to have to try to change back but if i need to I will. Here are the details of my bike..

first service was @ may 24th 500 miles serviced by dealer w/ there oil

Second service was 6/21 1232 miles and serviced with 10w30 non synth

Third was 7/12 @ 2606 miles and changed to Mobil 1 10w30 -

Fourth was at 8/2 3360 and this also was Mobil 1.

I am now at 4462. I was planning on changing it this weekend and this will be the last of my really short oil changes. After this ill

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