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2009 Kawasaki Concours ZG1400 with 44,151 miles (might go for a ride later today or tomorrow so that could change)

Selling because I'm bored of it and in the mood for something else

Runs super fantastically great and is in wonderfully excellent mechanical shape.
The last oil change was this past September at 42,483 miles and I always do the final drive gear oil at the same time.
This last time I also bled the front brakes and put in fresh fluid.
New battery was put in this past October and I keep it on an Optimate when not in use - much better then a battery tender.
Can't remember exactly when I did the tires or front brake pads, but they are still in good shape. Never touched the rear brakes since I hardly use them. Who cares about brakes anyway, all they do is just slow you down and we ain't got time for that.
Good shape cosmetically but not perfect. Mostly dirty and needs a good clean. If only I cleaned my bikes as well as I maintained them!
There are scratches on the left mirror from when I brushed against the brick around the garage door opening, oops.
Bags are in good shape but have the typical boot scuffs you find on most of these types of bikes. Guess I should stretch more.
Has aftermarket heated grips, throttle lock, and a Luimoto seat cover.
When I bought the bike it had lowering links, short kickstand, and bar risers. I took them off and put it back to stock ride height. I kept meaning to sell them on ebay but never got around to it, so if you're short or like taller bars and want them we can work it out for a few extra bucks and I can even install for you.
No I will not fall for the "buy a vin search for me" scam, so please don't bother. Nor will I take a check for $7,000,000 extra and give you the change. Forget offering me gift cards, ugh I hope I don't seem that dumb. You get the idea.
Asking $4,300

Hope you all smiled, now someone buy this thing.
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