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He everyone,
New to the forum but have read almost every threat while I have been slowly modifying my bike:
- Two Bros black series slip on
- Adjustable cnc machined Al rearsets with removable passenger pegs
- Fender eliminator kit
- Sports bars

Things Im keen on:
- Juice Box Pro
- Aftermarket air filter
- Remove the snorks
- Aftermarket front levers with master cylinder (prob Brembo)
- Braided lines
- Potentially new tires

Anyone here have any advice on front brake master cylinder. The reason for this mod is the OEM master cylinder and specifically where the front brake line join on with the banjo bolts to the master cylinder, touches the headlight fairing/shroud, and the brake line has a small kink in it, with has made the front bake spongy (but still functional). The aftermarket master cylinders (especially Brembo) have a plastic reservoir that will sit up and away from the fairing, and will not kink the brake line.

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Aftermarket master cylinders are likely to have a different leverage ratio - different bore - to the stock one. This isn't necessarilly an issue, but it is likely to screw the ABS computer and can be potentially dangerous with ABS systems.

You could disable the ABS by pulling the fuse if you wanted to.

Some sponginess is common with ABS because of the length of the lines. They're OK if properly bled, but braided lines help.

The banjos on the stock cylinder can be repositioned with a bit of judicious grinding.

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