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Bought a very lightly used 2012 zx6 back in April. ODO showed 220miles on it, everything showed signs of low miles. it is from out of Cali so no smog stuff on it. It did sit for a while.
It now has a little less than 10k miles on it and i've been wrestling this problem for the past month. Have searched a lot of google but have not been able to fix this problem:
-Bike bogs and will not go past 5,500 RPM in all gears. Also happens in neutral. Runs perfect at idle and up to 5,500RPM.
i have tried:
-Replaced fuel pump+filter. Blew out vents with air. put in fresh gas 91octane.
-Replaced stator+rectifier (rectifier gives different readings from manual, old and new. Recall has already been done.)
-Professionally cleaned injectors (all 8)
-Replaced stock fuel lines with hose and hose clamps
-Replaced and adjusted TPS+SecondaryPS
-Jumped kickstand wires
-Checked Map sensor, Pressure sensor, air temp, crank sensor, all coils, new plugs (they all get spark, all 4 exhaust warm), checked sec. actuator. Battery good. tested relay box. checked all fuses.
-Compression (dry) was all at 180psi
-Valve clearance bc i was there
-Removed air switching valve, paper clipped it.
-No exhaust valve bc M4 slip on. (servo still plugged in, no cables)
-Oil+filter was changed at 8200miles
-Tried without Air filter, still bogged.
-Tried with gas cap open and it ran worse.

-M4 GP series slip on
-Puig racing windscreen
-Air switching valve jumped
-Kickstand sensor jumped
-USB Charger to battery
-Radar Detector power to battery.

This is all i can think of right now. i tried checking the sec injectors but i cant find much info on them. i split the intake and opened the throttle they spray when its closer to 6k RPM. im leaning more to a fuel/air problem, but i dont know, i always rode a 05 R1 before this, so i know all of yamaha.
Thank you for helping

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Also, this first started on a ride home, it wouldnt go over 10k RPM then the next day it was ~6k RPM

i had read earlier it might be the cat, so i was hoping was the issue... it wasn't. I punched the cat and put it all back together, still bog's.
when i WOT it kind of gurgles and will stay at like 3k-4k RPM until i let go of the throttle, does the same under load.
it kind of lurches when i do it while riding.
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