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I have multiple (BRAND NEW in factory packaging) parts that were purchased to repair a 2015 ZX6R (ZX636 EFF) after being dropped. Sold bike before installing new parts as originals were barely damaged. Parts are all factory direct, OEM parts ordered from local dealership. Bike was Matte Metallic Carbon. Items would need to be paid by certified funds, PayPal, Facebook Pay or Venmo before shipping. Please see below for list. Will sell separately or as a lot (Lot sold at a discount). Will accept reasonable offer on lot or individual parts. If all 5 body parts are bought as a lot, I will include all additional small parts and decals for free.

Tank w/o fuel pump (Part# 51089-5093-51B): $700 shipped
Front Upper Cowl (Part# 55028-0506-51B): $225 shipped
Right Side Cowl (Part# 55028-0445-45L): $150 shipped
Right Side Upper Cowl Fin (Part# 55028-0447-51B): $40 shipped
Right Side Lower Cowl (Part#55028-0451-51B): $125 shipped
Pad T10 Cowl Right (Part# 39156-0945): $10 shipped
Pad T20 (Part# 39156-0958): $5 shipped
Lower Cowl Decal "Kawasaki" (Part# 56054-1667): $15 shipped -or- will include with Right Lower Cowl
Side Cowl Decal "ZX6-R" (Part# 56054-1665): $5 shipped -or- will include with Right Upper Cowl
Fuel Pump O-Ring (Part# 670E5075): FREE (Included with tank)
Upper Battery Pad (Part# 39156-0536): FREE (Included with tank)
Mounting Pad/Hook (Part# 27012-0751): FREE (Included with Right Cowl)
2 Mounting Pad/Hooks "20x20x3.0" (Part# 27012-0742): FREE (Included with Right Cowl)
Mounting Pad "15x30x0.2" (Part# 39156-0979): FREE (Included with Right Cowl)

Can send additional pictures if needed. Photos of body parts should be in order as listed.

Please feel free to contact me by PM with any questions.

Lot Price: $1050 shipped


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