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2013 er6n won’t engage gear

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I’ve recently bought an er6n 2013 and my first ride I had a bit of a crash on the right hand side damaging the coolant bottle and the plastics. I’ve replaced the coolant bottle and plastics but when I went to test drive it it wouldn’t shift into any gear, the neutral light goes off when I shift into gear but it’s not letting me drive, I’ve tried shifting into first and second without the clutch expecting it to stall but it doesn’t and just idles and dies. I’m wondering if anyone would have any info whether it’s the clutch or the gearbox I could have issues with before I give it into a shop
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I have I’ve pushed it while it was in gear leaving the clutch out slowly and not using the clutch with no luck, I thought I could’ve pinched the cable somehow aswell but that’s running freely up and down the tube
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