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Bad news for those who own a motorcycle in the quarter-liter category: the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 has officially made your bike obsolete. After feeling the pressure as bikes like the CBR250 started to encroach on the beginner bike market share Kawasaki has virtually dominated for two decades, Team Green saw it fit to elevate the stakes even more by dramatically revamping the venerable Ninja 250 into what is now the 300.

Last week, we covered the details surrounding the Ninja 300 during its U.S. unveil in Times Square in New York City. In short, a longer stroke (48.0 mm vs. 41.2 mm) is responsible for the displacement spike. Connecting rods and pistons were lightened, shortened and strengthened to cope with the extra power while maintaining the same deck height and 13,000-rpm redline as the 250.

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You can also see the Preview article here.
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