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So, I recently acquired the manual for the 2017-19 Ninja 650 thanks to Reddit user BooneDurr (go show him some love) which I have uploaded to my google drive.
I, being somewhat of a full-stack web developer, decided that the PDF version of the manual needed a bit of updating. I've begun transcribing the manual into HTML so that it can be viewed on any browser (though most of my testing is done on desktop Firefox right now). Doing this will also allow for better pictures in COLOR (and the ability to zoom in on them, something you can't do in the PDF).

I need help from the community. I need pics of your bike(s). Basically go through and get pics that are the same angle as the picture in the manual. I can go through and add any symbols that are in the picture later. I'd like to include pictures of un-modded parts of the bike in the manual and since some parts of my bike are modded already (exhaust, fender delete, black out windscreen, upgraded tail lights) I was hoping you guys could pull through. I'd be more than willing to include you in the credits as well as tag you somehow to the pictures you provide (I'll figure out how I wanna do that as I get to it).

Also, does anyone know if there are any legal remifications to basically reprinting a publication?
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