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Hey everybody!

I'm getting ready to do some mods to my 2018 KLX250 as soon as I finish the break in period (50 miles left). I figured I would come on here and post what I am going to do and provide some updates and results for you guys.

The most important part on the list is the EJK fuel controller, which I am ordering through Dobeck Performance. They are the only ones who offer a fuel controller for the EFI KLX in the US. Other people have posted great results. It will also provide a great base for when I decide to do a big bore.

The other things I am doing are the FMF Megabomb header (already have a Q4 slip on), KDX snorkel, PAIR block off and the other emissions stuff. This is the first round. Once I get a feel for these mods, I will determine if I want to take the airbox lid off or not and if I need a 13T front sprocket.

Once it's all done I hope to bring you guys some great results and videos on my YouTube once it's done!
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