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Introductory Offer!
25% off entire product line! Hurry, this deal will expire on 4/5/08 @ Midnight!

Why a rear camera kit?
Most would agree that their Ninja’s side view mirrors just give them a good view of their elbows. Not here, you actually see DIRECTLY behind you at any speed, with a quick glance below the speedometer. Also, the benefit multiply at higher speeds where lifting up to turn your head is not an option.

Glare Free Screen:
Even in direct sunlight, there is no glare to be seen on our kit.

Night Vision...
We currently offer two cameras will allow you too see up to 80 feet in distance in PITCH BLACK darkness.

DVD/video Ready
The high quality 7" widescreen TFT monitor can toggle between the rear camera (while riding) and any other input, such as an additional camera for recording or even a DVD player (bike night?) with the touch of a button!

Built with Practicality in Mind:
The camera is weather proof and the screen is easily removable in seconds (without the use of any tools)!

Ready to experience this product yourself? Got more questions? Visit out website for more information:

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