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636 vs. 900rr

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Hey you lucky 636 owners, I have a question for you. I just bought a '96 900RR. Don't worry I still have my '97 6R (although it currently needs repairs). I'm curious about how the RR compares to the 636.

And yes, I love it! It's got custom paint, steering stabilizer, ss brake lines front and rear, full arrow system, jet kit, and down one tooth in front. I practically stole it for $4800 including a nice pitbull rear stand, bike cover and a few other odds and ends.

Anyway, I know that's it's ancient compared to the new bikes and I want to know about power wheelies. I've been on it only a few times so far, but I found that on wide open throttle the front end just lifts right up at about 7k. Sweet feeling after having to close/open the 6R! I haven't tried to wheelie it in second yet.

To compare power, torque, whatever: does the 636 and other new 600's wheelie just on WOT?

Also for anyone that knows, I found out the carbs are out of synch. When I get them synched will it wheelie easier/better?

Just to reassure everyone, I'm NOT abandoning my zx6r. I simply added another sheep to the fold (I also have an old gs700es).

Thanks for the help!
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I know you guys can't be hating on me just 'cuz I own a honda. Nobody ever cared about the gs700es in my garage. Sniff, sniff. I am starting to feel unloved. I said I was keeping the ninja.

sniffle, sniffle, I only bought what I could afford. You all know that the '96 9r weighs a gazillion pounds and I wanted a liter bike.

c'mon 636 guys, you're always bragging about your bikes (and rightly so) tell me about the power wheelies on wot
well let's see......I just happen to ride with a 1998 900RR and a 2003 636......so aren't you lucky, I've seen them both in action. Anyway, the RR is a powerful bike for sure, but the 636 is no slacker. My 6R can keep up fine with the 636 and I even pull away from him after 140-150 with all the work I have done to my bike. Either way, the 636 wheelies pretty easy and so does mine but I use the bounce method and I actually bounce it twice for serious "spring" off the ground. As far as WOT wheelies......I haven't ever had one yet......throw a little bit of clutch in with the first gear takeoff from a standstill and it'll raise up fine but not just from throttle alone. The carb synch won't help a whole lot with wheelies. But the bike will feel stronger.
And by the way, don't feel like a traitor or anything. I would've bought a 9R (or waited for the new 10R) myself, but I have always said that the Honda 929RR is the most attractive Japanese sportbike out there! ;)

- Jon
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I have a '03 636 with 2 xtra teeth in the rear i weigh only 70kg but mine full tank of gas will power wheelie in first no problems at about 6-7 rpm's and only a little bounce on the pegs for 2nd gear stand ups
My bike wheelies 1st no problem, 6-7k, little bounce and WOT. Second goes pretty good too, a good bounce and around 9k. I know it will do third if my technique was better. I am no stunt guy and my bike is all stock. Later. KP
hey klp, saw you were from quincy and figured you might want to go riding?get your bike at south shore?i worked there all summer.
sorry for off topic.

( i ride a blue 03 636 its at the shop almost everyday)
Hey 636 Geek, whatup?? U know, I would roll with you but I ride a Red one and I heard the Blue are pretty doggish. So u might have some troubles. Dig?? Later Brett
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