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83 KZ440 what is fused link inside speedometer housing and awful clicking noise at stator.


I’m new here and new bike to me. Building an 83 KZ440 for my son and his 16th birthday. Can someone tell me what the fused link (light green wire connected to a fused link? thing with opposite end a red wire) that is housed inside the speedometer housing. I can’t find a diagram that shows them.

Not sure if it is connected but bike ran fine until I replaced the speedometer with a different one and removed the fused link out of it (didn’t reconnect) because after reconnecting and replacing all the wires the PO cut, I didn’t see a use.

Next time I start the bike, a horrible clicking sounds started coming from behind the stator cover (left side forward case cover).

Could removing the fused link cause that? Maybe created an issue with the stator?

If not, what would make a very loud clicking that picks up speed with engine coming from behind stator cover. It’s very loud and wasn’t there before. Maybe a link between the fuse in seedo and sound?

Thank you.
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