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89 octane fuel color

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after i rode tonight, i went to go fill up at the local exxon station, i always fill up with the 89 octane fuel. when my tank was all filled up, i glanced into the tank and noticed the fuel was not clear like usual, instead it had a bluish/greenish tint. Is it me, or are they doing something to our fuel supply? or is it something in my tank taht's causing this color?

kinda has that coolant looking glow to it.
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The Kawasaki spec sheet for the 636 says the same exact thing that all the previous 6r's have said over the years:

Min. 91 Research/87 Avg Octane Unleaded OK.

The 87 octane fuel you see at the gas pumps is what Kawasaki itself recommends be run in the bike. They don't mind if you run a higher grade gasoline, they just don't require it.

I personally wouldn't run the top grade gasoline in a bike (anymore, I stopped in the last year) unless I actually have encountered detonation, I'm seriously abusing the motor (ie- near-pro racing), or unless I've made internal motor changes that have increased the compression ratio (pistons/head and block planing, etc).

I personally have compared different octane gasoline back to back and always have found MUCH better gas mileage using 87 octane, no matter what bike I'm running. The same even applies to my cars.


I didn't do it, I swear.
And even if I did, what makes you think I would admit it to you?
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