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89 octane fuel color

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after i rode tonight, i went to go fill up at the local exxon station, i always fill up with the 89 octane fuel. when my tank was all filled up, i glanced into the tank and noticed the fuel was not clear like usual, instead it had a bluish/greenish tint. Is it me, or are they doing something to our fuel supply? or is it something in my tank taht's causing this color?

kinda has that coolant looking glow to it.
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According to the service spec, Kawasaki suggests 87 pump octane for the 1999 bike. To be sure, check the tank sticker on your bike.
Originally posted by tommyboynjataol

2003 636 model has higher compression and needs minimum of 92 but since no one really makes a 92 must go to 93-94 octane.
That is not quite right.

The tank sticker on the 2003 bike suggests a minimum of 90 pump octane.
Originally posted by linm

from what i read on the pdf file, it says min 91 and 87 is average? does it mean it's better to run 91, but it's OK to run 87?
Not quite.

The service spec reads Min 91 Research/87 Avg. Oct. Unleaded OK. The first number, 91, is a Research Octane Number. The second number, 87, is an average octane number, which US pumps show. The average octane number is the average of a Research Octane Number and a Motor Octane Number. You may have seen the formula (RON+MON)/2 on pump octane labels.

The spec then suggests a minimum of 87 pump octane. Using higher octane has no practical benefit.
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