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94 ZX6R value? *new guy

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Hi guys,

I have been riding dirt bikes off and on most of my life, and I have finally decided to get a sport bike. I have never ridden a sport bike, so Im not looking for anything crazy to start on. My friend has a 94 ZX6R with 8k miles. It has a small crack in the fairing, which is no big deal as I will repaint it anyway. The bike has been maintained by him since new, and it looks new. Tires are a lil tired. Is this worth $2,000? I have been looking online, and 2k seems like a good price.

I am glad I found this place, as I am active on a few car forums and learned a lot reading online. [8D]

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$2000 sounds like a very good price, if it has been taken care of. Go for it, you definitely won't regret it. I started off riding dirtbikes too, and recently made the jump to a sportbike...love it!
You sure it's not a 600R? They didn't make the ZX-6R until 95...
No, Im not sure. He did specifically say it was a ZX6R, so maybey its a 95? I will be looking at it next week, so I guess Ill find out for sure then.

Originally posted by luminescient

You sure it's not a 600R? They didn't make the ZX-6R until 95...
If thats is a real 95 ZX6R, thats an AWESOME deal!

If you don't want it, I know someone that would,
Especially with only 8k miles on it? Buy that motherfucker. My '96 just rolled over 19k miles last weekend and it still runs hard.
I agree that it is a really good deal if it really is a 6R. I have a 95 with 30,000 miles on it, and it runs really damn good! Take care of that baby and it will treat you good!
Thanks for the replies guys. What is the difference between the 94 ZX6 and 95 ZX6R?
Basically, the zx6r is a super sports bike, and the zx6 is a sports tourer. nuff said!
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