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'96 ZX6R - It has arrived! Pictures inside!

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spent some time cleaning it today, did a few laps around the neighborhood, pulls so fuc*ing strong its amazing. [:p] here are some pics from tonight, im loving it.:D once again, thanx for all your help!:)

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Originally posted by rippinrider

Wow...nice cleaning job !!!
Can I recruit your services for my bike ?:D
hahahaha, sure!
warm water and soap, degreaser, wax and metal polisher do wonders!
it wasnt this clean when i bought it, but it wasn't bad at all.
i still have to work on the wheels a little bit but for now its ready for some fun. :D
Originally posted by tommyboynjataol

so whats that tiny little gauge for. not boost right!
no, not boost! hehehe, its for oil pressure. there's a space for another gauge too. guy said it was gonna be something for vacuum temp or pressure or something? (not sure)

he used to restore and race cars and he said he likes to have as much information and readings as possible, so thats why he put that thing on. its pretty nice, and it works! :)
Originally posted by NinjuR

Looking very clean! I just bought one of those a 1 month ago as well. Haven't rode it yet because it's been in the shop because it's getting dialed-in and tuned-in. How does it handle? I can't wait to mine. :D
its not bad, its not bad at all. :D its got a nice pull when u open it up, it could prolly use some new break pads. mine is actually gonna have to go in the shop too. i only have 3-day temporary tags right now. the guy that owned it rode it the last time in 2001. its been sitting in his garage til he decided to sell it. i took it for a checkup before i bought it and the mechanic said it would have to have a tune up to pass emissions, which i will do this week.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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