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P2 model 1997 Zx7r 750cc Kawasaki Ninja
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I recently bought a 04 10r rear shock. It has 10mm bolts, (the 7r has 12mm or 14mm bolts), I took my oem 7r shock off and want to install the 10r shock set up. I am using the 10r shock absorber bracket at top uses: cotter pin, 16mm nut bracket which holds battery, a nut then top of shock seats and 10mm bolt and nut ....down at base of 10r shock another 10mm bolt & nut which holds the linkage between it. The center receives the dog bones, & other end mounts to swing arm. While remaining linkage hole is to mount to main frame of 7r.

Now here is my issue: the sleeve in the linkage hole is 10mm. The roller bearing..receives the sleeve for snug fit, however what I am not grasping is " if I get sleeve drilled out to 12mm or 14mm the existing roller bearing inside it will be too small to receive the sleeve. So how do I get that sorted I need to see a actual video of this task process. Explaining it to me I simply ain't getting it at all. Any help greatly appreciated...I added pics of both 97 Zx7r rear shock & 04 Zx10r rear shock and the parts..in sandwich bag the silver piece there is sleeve that slides into pic see yellow tape around hole the roller bearing is there the sleeve goes into. I will be using the Zx7r dogbones. Can I possibly swap out the roller bearing from 10r an tap in the roller bearing from my 7r ?

If not then what exactly am I to have drilled in order to fit the bolt I am pointing at there into the main frame with bottom of the 10r linkage and dog bones that is already partly attached ?

Again thanks for reading an hope some one will lead me or show me the correct way to do this last leg for fitment onto my frame. Just temp as complete mock up only.. I'm working on bike project for semi track use not f uh ll blown track...much appreciated...


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