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Hey all I have been quite for a bit on selling some of these parts for a while and I really need to start to get rid of them quick. I am goin very easy on the prices now to get rid of them. IO have a full list of the parts here at http://zx6r.8m.com Please Email me for any wuestions of pics or info on anything. Thanx - Shawn M.

Below is the same lkist that is on the site
Parts for sale!
front turn signals
swingarm spools
pass pass. rearset brackets (3)
right driver rearset
rear wheel
gas cap
gauge's and bracket
front seat
rear seat
forks bent (useful for inturnal parts)
Front brake calipers
triple tree
Front right brake rotor
radiator fan
ram air system
left mirror
right mirror
rear shock
rear dogbones
complete wiring harness
clutch lever and cable
Left handelbar
trunk lock
carbs and air box
sprockets and chain
brake light lens
kickstand w/ sensor
rear brake sys
throttle sys.
bar ends
right handelbar controls
left handelbar controls
radiator temp sensor
I am also selling the following items:
Please E-mail me for pictures and more info on the following items.
Edelbrock Chrome Valve covers (part #4449)
Edelbrock Chrome Valve cover breather
Edelbrock 14" Round Air-Filter (part #1207) w/ Chevy Wingnut
Cerwin Vega 10" 600 watt Subwoofer in Q-Logic Ported Box
Compaq Presario 1692
Olympus Camedia D-340r Digital Camera
Polaris 42" Lawn Mower
42" Leaf Catcher
Olympus Digital Color Printer P-330
Polaris Standard Quadivator (part #2872332)
Polaris Standard Quadivator Disc Attachment (Part #2872689)

**note** all Items sold "AS IS" on all terms.

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are you still selling the motorcycle parts from your bike? I'm interested in the left and right mirrors. if you have them, what kind of shape are they in? let me know, thanks.

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I need a couple pieces, if you have them email me at [email protected] and make sure the title of the email says something about kawasaki or bikes, because I get a lot of junkmail

I'm looking for, let me know if you have:

1) 1 fairing screw (yes, seriously, one screw, lost one somehow)
2) straight front brake lever
3) fairing/rad bracket. it's the part that bolts on the front of the engine, has one fairing bolt a side, and is bolted to the bottom of the rad as well. looks like this ->

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