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A bit of help............ please

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Right , i took my bike out for a blast a few days ago , it was warmed up nicely and i was driving it hard , anyway got back to work parked it up. after work i came out and noticed a few drips of oil on the ground , i drove it slowly for the 2 miles home. anyway once i got it home i had a look at the oil and there was very little left (i had changed the oil three days previously) but also there seemed to be water in with the oil !!!
does anyone have any idea what the hell i have done to my bike ????
a friend of mine thinks i might have blown a head gasket.
I'd appreciate any help you can offer.
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No there is no more smoke than normal (which is not a lot), wand when i say there is very little oil left i mean it is just down below the mininmum marker , but what is more worrying is there is water up to about the maximum marker.
Thanks for the help so far, if the head gasket is gone , is this gonna be a big job to fix?? i only bought the bike a few months back and i have had nothing but shit luck with it , is it likely that this problem has been developing for a while?
you know that is very true , i completely forgot about the whole oil and water thing , which probably means that there is no oil at all in the engine . I only assumed that it was water as it looked like it had the viscosity of water rather than oil.
Ash what you say there is exactley the conditions the bike has been put through , altough i always wait until she is warm before i drive it, would this emulsification lead to an oil loss like i describe??
i didnt notice any loss of performance on the way home from work even though i was taking it easy , she didnt seem down on power in the lower revs.
Thanks again for all your help , it's really good to come across a place like this with people willing to offer good advice.
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