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a break-in question

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I know that it's important to not max over 5-6k rpms for the first 1000 miles. My question is does it matter how long you ride for each trip because I want to commute to school with my 6R but it's 30 miles each way and plus I'd like to do some longer trips. This may be stupid for asking but I want to make sure I'm not overduing it. Thanks for any help.

--- '03 zx6r
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you want to do as much varied riding as possible.
up and down thru the gears and long ride outs as well this gets the bike loosened up.you can't overdue it.
i did 600 miles in 3 days running my J2 in.

don't worry about going over 6k revs up to 1000 miles.
keep it below 6k for a couple of hundered miles,then take it up to about 8k after another couple of hundred miles then when it's had it's 600 mile service go out and thrash it.
just bulid the revs up steadily and be smooth.

i did this with my J2 and never had any problems up to it doing 8k miles.then i wrote it off:(
i got another with 600 miles on the clock and had just been serviced
and i thrashed it from day one.still going strong on it now.
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You can safely increase the revs before the 1,000-mile mark. Take care not to overheat the engine, and allow it to cool between rides.

For more on engine break-in, check out the article How Should I Break-In My New ZX-6R?.
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