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33 in a couple of months, been riding since I was 19. Started on 250's, migrated up to bigger street bikes (biggest was a Yamaha FZR1000), and settled on the ZX-6R earlier this year. Done at least 100,000km on bikes over the years.

Red 2002 ZX-6R 636

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23 in august i have been riding for 2 and a half years this is my third bike second zx6r logged about 6000 miles mostly last year first bike was a 94 cbr 600f2

49 in August. Been riding since I was a kid. Rode minibikes until I could figure out how to get on a motorcycle without being able to touch the ground. Had and rode bikes off and on over the years but my 01 6R is the most enjoyable bike I'be ever been on.

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22, long blonde hair, I enjoy long walks on the beach talking about philosophy with a hot cup of starbucks coffee. I'm 5'6" and wiegh 125lbs and I'm really stupid and but hot. hahahahahahhaha

really, I'm 25. My 026R is my 2nd bike (first being a ZR-7). Being riding only a year now, but no accidents yet.

02 ZX6R (Yellow)
Now that someone has defined "old guys" as being over the age of 30, I'm wondering about the ages of the rest of y'all, and how much riding experience you have.

Me, I'm 29, for a few more months. Have been riding less than a year, but have covered about 15,000 miles in that time. The first few on an old EX250, and the rest on my 6R. No track time, yet, but that should be coming shortly.


Dave Lee
Red '02
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I'm 19 for 1 more month and started out riding sportbikes last august. Bought a 2001 ex250 and loved it until I saw the new 6R in February. Rode the 250 for 5000 miles, got comfortable on bikes and then bought my baby and love every minute of it.

--- '03 zx6r
I'm 20, soon to be 21 :D
Riding my
for little over a year. It's my first real bike, last one was 150cc moped. I started on a 600 and I’m still here to tell about it. I will be looking at getting a new bike in 2004 trim. 10R maybe :D

ZX6R-J1 2000
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Im 23, been riding a little over a year, put about 10000km on in that time (6000 miles). Mostly on mym 6R but some on my old GSXR1100 as well

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2002 Green 6R
1986 Gixxer 7/11
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I'm 26, been riding for 3+ years

started out on my ex500, then got a 20002 zx-6r...

had 2 small accidents on the bikes..1 accident for each bike....

i have taken the MSF course and read almost all the good motorcycle safety books out there.

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I'm 23... and I've been riding about a year myself. I've only got about 5000kms in that span... but I've got a few kms on Cdn's old bike.
19, been riding since i was 7. rode dirtbikes until i was 13 then got on a honda RS125 to start my road racing career. i've probley logged 30,000 street miles on varies bikes and probley 50,000 miles on race tracks.

i've had some crashes, everything from the simple lowside to having to be life flighted to the hospital.
i'm 19 got my 2001 6r last august.. it's my first street bike.. i also ride a dirt bike (1997 kx125)

yellow = fast
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i'm 19...20 in june. been riding since i was 6. Used to live in massachusetts on a lot of land so i started on a 50cc dirtbike and gradually went up. I Then moved to good ole delaware and was forced to sell my last cr250r. with motorcycles in the blood i found a nice cbr 600 f4i. It got stolen at school and i recently bought a 03 galaxy silver zx6r and fell in love. thats my story..lets hear some more
34. riding dirt since high school (mostly quads now), picked up my first street bike (02 6) in January and have logged 350 complete miles so far... more to come next week when Winter should finally be over [:p]. MSF in June.

'02 Green ZX-6R Limited Edition
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I've been riding since june of 02 when I got my first bike ever a new red 02.It now has 3500 miles most of which were put on last year.i'll be glad when the weather is more spinglike,it was in the 30-40's for the past 2 weeks after being 80 2 days in a row.

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I'm 31 soon to be 32 and I have been riding for about 1 year and my ZX6R is the first bike I bought but have borrowed my friend's ZX6R in the past since he has a ZX12R.
19. been riding for about 2 months, put about 1000 miles on it.

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25 been riding almost a year now. Started on a 97 katana 600. Now on the 03 sixxer. Next year ZX10!!?

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