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From 2010: A daily dose of whole body vibration may help reduce the usual bone density loss that occurs with age, Medical College of Georgia researchers report.

Twelve weeks of daily, 30-minute sessions in 18-month old male mice – which equate to 55- to 65-year-old humans – appear to forestall the expected annual loss that can result in fractures, disability and death.

Dr. Karl H. Wenger, biomedical engineer in the MCG Schools of Graduate Studies and Medicine, reported the findings with his colleagues in the journal Bone.

Researchers found vibration improved density around the hip joint with a shift toward higher density in the femur, the long bone of the leg, as well. Hip fractures are a major cause of disability and death among the elderly.

They also found a reduction in a biomarker that indicates bone breakdown and an increase in the surface area involved in bone formation in the vibrating group.

The vibrations are thought to stimulate activity by bone-building osteoblasts.

Vibration prompts movement of the cell nucleus, which is suspended by numerous threadlike fibers called filaments. "The filaments get all deformed like springs and then they spring back," Wenger said.

All the movement releases transcription factors that cause the growth of new osteoblasts, the cells that make bone. With age, the balance of bone production and destruction – by osteoclasts – tips to the loss side.

An October 2007 post with more info: Vibrated Mice Form More Bone And Less Fat.

The theory is that vibration is a signal to the bone cells that the muscles are working harder, and therefore more effort should be expended on reinforcing the bone.

"Vibrated Mice Form More Bone And Less Fat
October 30, 2007:


I have an elderly friend who has a device like this. It is rather like a treadmill, with a panel in front of you at about waist level, and handlebars in front and on the sides. Instead of a long track, there is a platform big enough for one person to stand on. You select the desired intensity of vibration, and then contract your muscles to absorb the vibration. Like strength training, that is supposed to boost bone density. He said it was originally developed for astronauts who suffered from bone loss while in space. The vibrations can be very strong. My friend uses it every day, in addition to other exercises, and looks pretty spry for his age, (late 70s I believe).

I ride a motorcycle. All that fun and bone therapy too!

I did this vibration therapy as recommended and now I feel great!—

but inexplicably I've developed an insatiable yearning for cheese!

NASA studied this in the 80's, and it helped sell vibration machines some years back. It has been known for years that vibration training may help increase/maintain bone density.

My chiropractor has this vibration platform as part of his therapy--I started having the full vibration for 10 minutes three times a week to relieve my low back pain--It was very very helpful! and I am hoping it reverses my decreasing bone density too.


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