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Hello all, just joined as I am preparing to purchase my first Kawi after jumping ship from Harley for the last 20+ years..

I'm planning on the Vulcan S 650 ABS & my question is regarding the wheels....can't stand the look of the stock wheels & I want to change to a set of better looking ones. The ABS is something I've never had on a m/c & in my on line searches these last few days looking for replacement options, I'm seeing some are designated as being ABS comparable, some not.....so, what's the difference?

ABS bikes need special wheels? Can both ABS & non ABS be used? Benefits vs hazards?

Can anyone pls do me the courtesy of explaining the specifics of this? I wasn't aware that a special wheel(s) is involved for ABS....I understood it to be a braking system issue, not a wheel issue.

Also, anyone have a referral to a seller of quality aftermarket, black wheels with more contemporary spoke patterns in the Vulcan 650's size for both front & rear? I'm not finding very many options on line but I might be phrasing my searches correctly, I've never bought a set of metric wheels before.

Thoughts? Advice?


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