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Absolute Newbie

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Hey guys, I just got a new yellow 2002 ZX6R and it is sweeeeet. I got it for a pretty good price because they were clearing the floor for the 2003's. I am totally new to sport-bikes (actually this is my very first bike ever) and I was just wondering what mods I should start with? I was reading some of the discussions and I have no clue what some of the items are. ie. Fender Eliminator. I would like to improve the performance first like add K&N air filter, steering damper (whatever that is) and then move on to minor things like graphics(the yellow ZX's seem to lack them), gold: windshield (if they make them), foot-pegs, bar-ends, rims, etc... Oh, another question is, My body weight is 195lbs, what is a good suspension setting for this weight? People in the cars that I ride behind think that I am flashing my highbeams when I hit small bumps in the road. One guy threatened to kick my ass <img src=icon_smile_blackeye.gif border=0 align=middle> -- I laughed.
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here in the uk you cant even get on a bike unless youve done an 8 hour course of compulsory basic training which includes a road assesment.
once youve done that u can then start lessons at a training school where u have lessons starting on a 125(where youre let loose on the road with an instructor who screams down your ear on a radio) and once you have observations, emergency stops and u turns up to a level where youre instructor is happy you get to move on to the 500cc bikes.
only when he thinks youre ready the instructor will then put you in for youre test which involves a pursuit style exam with an examiner who follows you and makes sure that observations and life savers are adhered to, he also has you doing an emergency stop and u turn(where if u put a foot down its an automatic failure)this lasts about 45 minutes after which he gives you his verdict.
whats the laws in everyone elses countries?
ps you also need to pass a theory test b4 taking pratctical exam
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btw after passing i went out and bought a new 02 zx6r which ive now done 1000 miles on in all weather conditions without any probs(so far).
whether a 6r is a good choice of first bike is down to the individual and you only find out the answer to the question when you either a)put an ad in the paper- 1 zx6r immac condition 1 prev owner
or b)a member of your family puts an ad in the paper- notice of bereavment _____ lived life to the full and loved his zx6r but after a small mishap with the accelerator is now buried in a tree on the backroads off ______.
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